Welcome to the Wonderful World of Refills

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Refills

There’s no denying waste is a massive problem on our planet. On average each person in England and Wales produces nearly 500kg of household waste a year. And not only do our overflowing bins lead to the ‘who's gonna take out the trash’ argument, they massively harm the planet.  

Luckily, with innovative brands like  Fussy offering refill options, there’s no longer a need to chuck everything away. From your bathroom sink to your kitchen cupboard, your favourite products can be kept away from the landfill for longer.

So what are you waiting for? Hop on board the Armpit Express for a whistle-stop tour of all things refillable.

Why Refills?


It's pretty well documented that, while recycling is great, it isn't without it's issues, especially when it comes to plastics. Some plastics can be recycled, some can't, and often the ones that can all have different melting points, making reclcying them difficult and expensive. Then there's the energy used to collect, transport and process recycling waste. It's better than landfill, but by no means perfect.

Refilling removes all of these issues. Instead of replacing an entire product, you're just replacing the bit you actually need and keeping the container. Nothing wasted, and you often get a much more stylish container to boot. Let's look first at our personal favourite refillable - deodorant!

Refillable Deodorants

With over 3.2 billion single-use plastic deodorants thrown away every bathrooms are the capital of Throwaway city.  And it's not just deodorant. Face wipes, cotton pads, and plastic bottles all get chucked in the bin after a couple of uses

This plastic packaging harms marine life, human health, litters beaches and landscapes, and clogs streams and landfills. Scary stuff. But fear not, our refillable deodorant is here to tackle our big plastic problem.  

All you have to do is choose a case in one of our vibrant and timeless colours, pick a scent you know you’ll want to sniff on repeat, and either make a one-off purchase or sign-up for a flexible subscription plan. Our refills are plastic-free, compostable, and delivered straight to your armpits, so you can put off emptying the bin for even longer. 

Beyond the Fussy-sphere

Has Fussy given you the refill bug? Are you now allergic to throwing away? Here are some ways to fill up beyond our refillable deodorant. 

  • In the kitchen

If there is one near you, try visiting a zero-waste shop. These stores allow for a plastic and packaging-free shopping experience where you refill your containers with the food items that they supply. They’re often small or family-run businesses, so you know you're making an actual person do a little happy-dance with your purchase. In need of some stylish and sustainable tubs to take? We love Black + Blum. Then when you've eaten all you tasty food and need to do the washing up, there's plenty of option for refillable dish soap - we personally love this one by BlueLand

  • Doing the laundry

As if doing the laundry wasn’t a drag to begin with, most detergents contain harmful chemicals and non-reusable and non-recyclable plastic packaging that are toxic for the planet. With refillable and eco-friendly detergent options, you can get Hinching without harming Mother Earth. Some companies we love are Ecover, Miniml, and Splosh. 

  • In the Shower

Whilst most shower products still come in non-recyclable single-use bottles, there seems to be a sustainable shower revolution taking place. Many refillable shampoos, conditioner, and shower gels are emerging so you can eliminate plastic bottles from your bathroom once and for all. Too many to name!

Ready for a Refill? 

Refill really is the new recycle, and with lots of new brands popping up weekly, you're spoilt for choice for your new sustainable swaps. But with deodorant, there really is only one way to go (if we do say so ourselves), so step away from the bin, and pick a refill plan that works for you.

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