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The Vegan Deodorant Tackling
Our Big Plastic Problem

Every year over 3.2 billion single-use plastic deodorants are thrown away. Many end up in landfill or even worse, our oceans. And whilst recycling in the kitchen is commonplace, in the bathroom it’s not such a cheery picture. That’s why we’ve made a vegan deodorant to get to grips with the problem. By reinventing everyday personal care products, we can end our reliance on single-use plastics for good. 

Why a refillable natural deodorant?

Refilling makes it super easy for you to do good because each fussy deodorant prevents over 250 single-use plastic deodorants from ever existing. That doesn’t just stop plastic being thrown away, but reduces impact across the entire supply chain. Studies have shown that if refilling were the norm across all personal care products, we would reduce greenhouse gases by 75% more than using single-use plastic counterparts. 

Designed by nature

When designing fussy our focus was creating a planet-friendly, armpit-pleasing, natural vegan deodorant that ticked four boxes...

✅ Free from single-use plastic 

✅ Easy to use 

✅ Effective 

✅ Desirable 

We achieved all these goals but it wasn't easy. We certainly didn’t think that it would take over 18 months and a lot more money than we had in our savings pots! 

A vegan deodorant that works

With the design of our refillable deodorant under way, we turned to the deodorant itself. Making fussy a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant wasn’t even a discussion point within the team. If we’re creating products that are kind to the planet, that includes being kind to all that inhabit the planet too. 

But what does vegan mean? Whilst there’s no legal regulation on a product labelled as a ‘vegan’ deodorant, you can always look for some sort of certification like Leaping Bunny which guarantees no animal testing was undertaken. Although any product manufactured in the UK legally has to be cruelty-free now and we only test on smelly people, never animals.

Manufactured here in the UK

Our vegan and cruelty free deodorant is manufactured right here in the UK whereas other cosmetics usually come from China where they’ve automatically been tested on animals. 

Being UK made is a good way to make sure we can stay free from ingredients derived from animal sources, which you’ll often find in cosmetics. These include glycerin, collagen, gelatine and retinol too. 

You can read more about our ingredients here and why our vegan deodorant really works. 

Help us improve our product

We’re constantly looking to improve our product so if you want to be part of the fussy fam and have any ideas please just drop us an email at


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