The science behind mood-boosting scents

The science behind mood-boosting scents

Smells rule our world at Fussy HQ. Whether it’s battling BO or brainstorming new scents for our vegan deodorant. But have you ever wondered why scent has such a profound effect on our emotions? How can certain smells instantly transport you to a sunny beach in the 90s sipping a pina colada? Well, wonder no more, as we help you make sense…of scent.

Scents & sensibilities. How does scent work?

Think of it as a WhatsApp group. The part of your brain that processes smells – the olfactory bulb – sends simultaneous messages to your amygdala and hippocampus – areas of your brain responsible for emotions and memories. Which is why smell has such a powerful effect on us, triggering strong feelings of pleasure or calmness. Or whisking us back in time to that sunny beach.

Can a scent boost your mood?

Hell, yeah! Science is now catching up with what your nose knew already. Recent brain-imaging research has shown how aromas change our brain-wave patterns, and therefore our moods. “This suggests we are, to an extent, hard-wired to respond to them.” says Psychologist and cognitive neuroscientist Dr Mark Moss of Northumbria University.

Over the last few years these ‘functional fragrances’ have filled the air offering to improve your mood and boost your wellbeing. Also known as dopamine-spritzing, wellness scents, neuro-scents and mood modulators!

The best scent to reduce stress?

Lavender is the go-to calming scent. The whiff of it can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians. But only recently have scientists discovered that it’s the linalool in lavender extract that sends messages of relaxation to your brain and entire nervous system. Better sleep, stress relief and even lower heart rate are all associated with this hypnotic herb.

Find calm for underarms

That’s why we created the world’s most calming scent – Lavender Fields. With notes of fresh lavender, floral geranium and herby vetiver, it brings those peaceful vibes direct to your armpits.  And to keep you in the zen zone we teamed up with the Calm App - the #1 app to help you stress less, sleep more and feel better. You can try it free for 1 month and get 50% off their annual subscription with your first purchase of Lavender Fields.

So there you have it…make refills part of your daily mantra and achieve balance not BO. Peace to your pits.

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