We Come In Peace 🕊

We Come In Peace 🕊

We mucked up. We ran some adverts online comparing our product to some Unilever products. And after a receiving an eloquently written legal letter from Unilever HQ, we made a peace offering to their CEO, Alan. 


The Olive Tree was accompanied by the following letter, printed on recycled card of course...



We also reached out to Alan on Linkedin and full credit to him for this brilliant response. 


And to celebrate you can now get 10% off using the code 'ALANSALRIGHT' at checkout just click here to get started.



  • Fussy Matt

    Thanks Tom, a good result for all we think. Lovely tree too.

  • Fussy Kate

    Thanks, Tom!

  • Tom Palmer

    Gotta respect how you handled this (even if your intentions were pure initially, in my opinion)

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