The Fussy Pits ft. Deborah Meaden

Keep your armpits and the planet happy this Christmas as carol singers ‘The Fussy Pits’ are here aiming for a Charity Christmas Number 1 with their debut single featuring Dragons’ Den fave Deborah Meaden…bringing a touch of silliness to the world when we all need it most.

Help Us Get To Christmas Number 1

The single is available on all major music platforms and each download will stop a 1kg of ocean-bound plastic in partnership with Plastic Bank.  Just follow this link

Silliness When We Need It Most

As you've seen and heard.. there are armpit slaps, armpit bells, armpit violins and of course armpit farts…lots of armpit farts. It’s fair to say this might just be the silliest thing you will see all year…but then again as Deborah Meaden says:

The amount of single-use plastic we throw away every year is just silly . So why not a silly song to help provide a solution! Now more than ever is the time to be Fussy about the brands and products we choose to support.’

Deborah Meaden

The Problem With Christmas

And this is a truly enormous problem - at Christmas the amount of plastic packaging sent to landfill equates to 114,000 tonnes - that’s the same weight of 650,000 reindeer!

Our Partnership With Plastic Bank

Like everything we do at Fussy purpose is built in. Plastic Bank are an amazing charity that are empowering the people to stop plastic before it reaches the Ocean. They do this by effectively purchasing waste plastic from people that collect it - not only stopping plastic but providing an income for those in need.

So what are you waiting for. Please your pits and the planet and download the song today


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