Gift Less Sh*t This Christmas

Gift Less Sh*t This Christmas

Every year up to £42million worth of gifts are wasted in the UK. That's why this year we're helping you to Gift Less Sh*t with the mother earth of all gift guides. Move over forgotten Christmas jumpers and Secret Santa tat that is destined for the bin. And welcome the good stuff like sustainable natural's the best sustainable gifts for every person in your life.

Gifts To Stock Stuffings

Fussy deodorant: Coming in at £20 for a case and two refills, our one-off purchase is the perfect way to gift someone new to the world of sustainable deodorants. Simply pick a case colour and any two of our gorgeous scents and get ready to make someone’s armpits very happy. Because what’s a better gift than saving over 250 single-use plastic deodorants ending up in landfills?

Pascoe Candles: With vegan wax, reusable jars and cotton-core wicks, Pascoe candles are the perfect way to get that cosy home feeling while being eco friendly. There are loads of scents to choose from but personally, we love Gingerbread House.

Coconut Bowls: What’s better than waking up to your morning bowl of cornflakes in a reclaimed coconut shell bowl? Well, how about one with sunshine and rainbows. With a company that prides itself in sustainable materials, production, packaging and shipping, we think there’s nothing better to start your day

Gifts For Clothes Lovers

Lucy & Yak: Famous for their bright, colourful dungarees, Lucy and Yak have ethical practices throughout every element of their business. Sustainable materials and a living wage employer - that’s a yes from us! 

Organic Basics: If you’re looking for high-quality clothing basics made with planet-friendly materials, you can’t go wrong with this brand. Perfect for gifting someone the essentials.

Flamingos Life: Fashionable trainers made from sustainably sourced biodegradable materials? Count us in, please!

Gifts For Those On The Go

Fussy Washbag: Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and featuring a stylish oversized zipper, this bag is roomy enough for your weekend getaway or your gym-going bathroom needs.

Green Island Bamboo Cutlery Set: If you know someone that’s constantly getting lunch out, then there’s no better gift than reducing their plastic utensil usage. This bamboo cutlery set from Green Island features everything someone will need - including bamboo straw and straw cleaner!

Ocean Bottle: Award-winning bottles designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. 100% dishwasher safe and stylish to boot

Gifts For Food + Drink Lovers

AllPlants: If someone you know is trying to eat more of a plant-based diet, this could be the gift for them. AllPlants create delicious, chef-made dishes, delivered straight to your door.

Freedom Brewery: They believe in producing beers you want to drink time after time. Beer that’s brilliantly balanced, free from animal products made sustainably. We’ll have a pint now, please!

Pact Coffee: The coffee brand on a mission to fix the industry, with better pay for coffee farmers and better quality brews for all. The Coffee Selection Box is sure to make anyone’s Christmas

Gifts For Those Who Love A Little Luxury

Now, Sit Down: Brighten up anyone’s living space with these super-funky cushions, all made from recycled fabrics and filled with recycled feathers!

Tanner Woodcraft Standing Desk: If you’re buying for someone still working from home, you can’t go far wrong with one of these beautiful solid oak desk converters. Saving your back and the planet with carbon-neutral delivery.  

Gifts For The One That's Got It All

Fussy Deo Dish: Okay, here’s one thing they might not have - a stylish home for their Fussy deodorant. Made from antibacterial and 100% natural diatomite, this stores two Fussy refills and keeps your deodorant case looking mighty fine. 

Hanx: Okay, so they've got it all - but who couldn't do without more condoms and lube, especially when all Hanx's products are sustainable, sex-positive and backed by gynaecologists? These will be so much fun to open on Christmas morning!

Heights: All the vitamins a brain needs, in one innovative smart capsule. Made by scientists, Heights targets everything from poor sleep to brain fog to stress. 

Gifts For Two (Or One For Me And One For You!)

Fussy Christmas Couple Pack: 2 outer cases and 2 refills - perfect to get you and your partner matching gifts or a present for a couple in your life. That’s 4 armpits closer to a better smelling planet

Rowen & Wren Champagne Coupe’s The most gorgeous take on a classic 1920’s design, these Coupe glasses are perfect for using for champagne celebrations with a partner, hand made with consciously sourced glass

Montezuma’s Vegan Chocolate: Why is gifting chocolate to your partner so great? Well because they have to let you have some, that’s the rules. These Montezuma chocolate gift sets all have ethically sourced ingredients (no palm oil!) and packaging that’s either recyclable, biodegradable or compostable. 

Gifts For The Beauty Lover

Upcircle Beauty: Upcircle has an incredibly wide-ranging array of skincare products, all made from by-products of other industries, mainly the food and drink industry. Think coffee scrubs and hydrating moisturisers. 

Nailberry: Colour your nails healthy with Nailberry’s gorgeous range of nail polishes that respect the environment, with no compromises on colour. Completely vegan, cruelty-free and designed to let your nails breathe. 

Zao: Makeup that’s organic, vegan and refillable, all housed in bamboo packaging. Someone’s morning routine just became a lot more sustainable. 

Gifts For The Ones Who Are Easily Bored

Fussy Scent Pack: Okay, this one’s perfect for someone who loves to switch things up. Get our deodorant case and all five of our refill scents, including our new limited edition Christmas scent made from unwanted Christmas Trees. Now they can switch up their scent monthly

OnLoan Gift Cards: This one’s perfect for people who love fashion and want to be sustainable while still changing up their look regularly. OnLoan delivers new items every month, you wear them and then send them back and get something new!

Gifts For The Christmas Fanatic

Fussy Christmas Tree Triple Pack: This is the ultimate gift for people that love the festive season. Our new Christmas scent is made by recycling the millions of unwanted Christmas trees that go to waste every year. Smell like a Christmas tree and save the planet!

Christmas Socks: Stand4socks brilliant business model means that for every pair of socks you buy from them, they donate one pair of high-quality anti-bacterial socks to homeless people. Sent in compostable packaging and with lots of fun Christmas options, this is sure to be a winner in someone’s stocking. 

Eco-friendly David Attenborough Christmas Jumper: Yes, you did read that right. Made from 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester, this jumper is an ode to our hero David Attenborough - the greatest gift! 

Gifts For When You've Run Out Of Time

...which, let’s be honest, you might have done if you’ve read this whole very long blog post! But we all know what it’s like, Christmas is only a few days away and there’s that one person you haven’t remembered to buy for. Fear not! With our Fussy Gift cards , you can give the gift of sustainability instantly, without waiting for delivery times. Let them pick their favourite colours and scents while you feel smug about the extra two armpits that have joined the Fussy revolution. 

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