Smell Like A Christmas Tree

Smell Like A Christmas Tree

The UK buys over 6 million Christmas Trees every year. But have you ever wondered what happens to the trees that nobody wants? 🤔 Those on a wonk. The wrong shade of green. Missing a branch or two. Well, wonder no more...

Made From Unwanted Christmas Trees

We didn’t want to release just another novelty scent this Christmas but to make an actual difference. That's why we've taken these unwanted Christmas Trees and saved them from a miserable Christmas by turning them into deodorant. Yes that’s right - deodorant. Now you can smell like a Christmas tree. And we made a little Christmas ad all about it...

How Did Make The Scent?

It was a long process that started way back in the summer. Most tree wholesalers work to ensure they don’t have any waste trees or they don’t want to admit they do but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Once we had a wholesaler who was open to giving us the trees that wouldn’t be good enough to sell, we had to figure out how to extract the scent from them. In steps our hero of this Christmas tale, Farmer Ken...

Meet Farmer Ken

Through a farm diversification project over 20 years ago, Farmer Ken now extracts essential oils on his farm in well as growing some very nice potatoes. Just ask Matt our CEO and Founder who bagged himself a sack full!

To extract the essential oil from the Christmas trees they first are loaded into a giant stainless steel cylinder.

Steam is pumped in through the bottom of the cylinder, breaking down the trees and extracting the oil as steam.

This steam rises and then travels down a condensing pipe where the steam condenses back into water and you guessed it...Christmas Tree oil! A process involving no chemicals, no nasties, just Christmas Trees and water.

The oil is then skimmed off from the water, cleaned and purified before being shipped to our deodorant manufacturer. And voila. Christmas Tree deodorant made from Unwanted Christmas Trees.

Next We Want Your Christmas Trees

That’s right. We want to continue our project into the New Year, a Christmas Tree shouldn't just be for Christmas. So if you live in the London area, let us know and we’ll come pick up your Christmas Tree and turn it into deodorant. Just email

Smell Un-fir-getable This Christmas

And so there you have it, that’s how we turned Christmas Trees into deodorant. Now all that’s waiting is for you to try it! You can purchase it as part of a subscription here. Have a great smelling Christmas. 🎅 


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