A Biscoff Scented Deodorant!

A Biscoff Scented Deodorant!

Move over Mary Berry there’s a new Head Chef in town and we’ve been busy baking up yet another Festive treat. Inspired by the spiced caramel-y (and vegan) biscuit we’ve all come to adore, our new Biscoff scented deodorant honestly smells so good it should be illegal. So treat yourself and smell delicious this Christmas.

Smell Delicious This Christmas

We truly have made your Christmas dreams crumb true. With hints of orange, cinnamon and ginger, topped off with toasted vanilla and maple, there’s no question about who’s Star Baker this year. 

What Makes It So Moreish?

By baking together only premium natural ingredients. You can read all about the secrets of what makes Fussy deodorant so effective here, and then we just add some festive essential oil goodness.

How Did We Get Here?

It began with the same discussion that happens in every UK office to avoid doing any real work - an argument over which biscuit is best? We discussed the merits of chocolate hob-nobs vs. plain, whether a wagon wheel counted as a biscuit, and how long you could hold a digestive in a cup of tea before it disintegrates. But then, someone mentioned Biscoff, and it set our Fussy minds whirring. What if we could make a deodorant that smelt like Biscoff? Was it even possible? The wheels were in motion. 

Fast forward a few weeks, and Founder Matt is carefully glueing Biscoff biscuits into a delicate pyramid shape for the photoshoot. Our office is now firmly addicted to Biscoff and has invented a new treat - Biscoff sauce on top of a Biscoff biscuit (you’ll thank us later)

How Can I Eat … We Mean Buy … BUY Them?

That's the easy part. If you're a subscriber, you can add limited edition scents to your current subscription. Just login to your account here, then click on 'change scents', and add the limited edition scent to your next order.

As long as the limited edition scent is in stock at the time of your next order, you'll receive it. Otherwise, if it's out of stock, we will switch you to a substitute scent. 

If you'd prefer to make a one-off purchase, then we've got that covered too! You can grab one Biscoff refill and our mint green case here

You can grab two Biscoff refills and our mint green case here (we think this option would make the PERFECT Christmas Gift…)

Or you can grab a pack of three Biscoff refills here

So, let’s ditch the single-use tat this festive season and switch to something sustainable and delicious. But hurry before they’re all whisked away…

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