The Underarm Facial

The Underarm Facial

Facials? For your armpits? You must be mad. 

Okay, so maybe we’ve taken self-care a little too far, but hear us out: underarm facials, or ‘pitiCures’,  are not only the secret to super-soft pits, but a great way to detox your underarms and seamlessly switch to a natural deodorant. 

Switching to natural deodorant

You have your skincare routine down to a T, you know when it’s time to slather on the body butter, and Pinterest-style baths are your forte - but how often do you care for your armpits?

Let me guess, never. 

Whilst Fussy’s natural and skin-loving ingredients pamper your pits, your underarms might not be used to such a luxury. Conventional antiperspirants contain aluminium, which can be toxic and stop your body from functioning in the way that it should. 

Aluminium works by blocking sweat glands. But sweat is not the cause of bad body odour,  the bacteria it comes into contact with is. So in an attempt to stop you smelling, antiperspirant takes the wrong prisoner. 

Detox Your Underarms

When you suddenly stop plugging your pits with aluminium and switch to a non-toxic natural deodorant, your body frees the wrongly convicted. You may sweat a little more and release the built-up aluminium and other toxins. This can cause a brief smelly period before you reach the freedom of fresh pits. This is the perfect time to try an underarm facial to unclog your pores. 

A little note though: with our natural deodorant, an underarm detox isn’t a necessity. Our innovative probiotic technology consumes smelly sweat molecules, which means you can cut out this transition period and skip straight to the good bit.  

But when Fussy has your pits smelling so good, why not build an underarm facial around your favourite fragrance?

An at-home underarm facial to match your favourite Fussy scent

Whilst we think your pits are special enough for a spa day, just like regular facials, you can make a DIY treatment for your underarms from the comfort of your own home. 

Step 1: Cleanse 

The first step in every skincare routine is to create a clean canvas. Use a mild and moisturising soap to cleanse your armpits.

If WIDE EYED Citrus is your Fussy deodorant of choice, choose an energising mandarin and grapefruit scented soap. If NIGHT TALES Flora is the one for you, keep your eyes peeled for a soft cedar, cinnamon, and patchouli smell. If you love WAVY MINT Days, go for a refreshing eucalyptus, sage, and peppermint fragrance.  

Step 2: Steam

Now your pits are clean, let’s get them steamed. Place a hot towel under your arms to help soften the skin and absorb products better. Be sure to check the temperature first - you don’t want to scald your pits!

Step 3: Scrub

Just like your soap, pick a lightly scented body scrub that matches your favourite Fussy scent. To get rid of any dead skin and antiperspirant nasties, gently massage it on your underarm skin. Be very careful here, as excess friction can cause the skin to darken.

Step 4: Mask 

Yep, armpit masks are a thing. Less Instagramable than your usual self-care Sunday set-up, but equally luxurious. Coat your underarms in a charcoal or clay mask (the ones meant for your face) or make your own by mixing one tablespoon of bentonite clay with one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Time for the best bit: Apply your natural deodorant

By now your pits should be feeling fantastic and smelling even better, but we’re not done just yet. It’s time for the icing on the cake (or the armpits): our 100% effective natural deodorant. 

Find your favourite fussy scent and top-off the ultimate pit-pamper. A couple of swipes under each side and your pits will make the rest of your body jealous. 


  • Fussy Hannah

    Hey Stephanie – it may be that your body is adjusting to using a natural deodorant. For some people this can take a couple of weeks – hopefully you’ll be smelling fresh all day long in no time!

  • Stephanie Gibson

    Hi, I have the citrussy deodorant and live the smell. Took me a day or two to get the applicator working properly… was winding the whole thing up, cardboard and all.
    I may have to try a face mask on my pits or something. Only 4 days in using this but finding I gave to wash myself and my clothes more often. Started off with just a couple of swipes under each arm ( on clean pits) am now up to about 6-8, am worried I won’t be able to get near anyone in the summer. Hoping this will get better!!

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