A Natural Deodorant for Hairy Armpits

A Natural Deodorant for Hairy Armpits

Fussy  believes pits should be free, hence why our deodorant is free from aluminium, parabens, toxins and synthetic fragrances. And we’re not the only ones letting armpits do their natural thing: folks across the globe are embracing hairy armpits.

Since our natural deodorant is designed for everyone (even the hairiest of pits) it’s time we investigate the hair under there. 

Embracing natural body hair

Armpits have an interesting hairstory.

No one gave a fuzz about their underarms until the 1920s, when marketing campaigns started to label hair under there ‘unwelcome’, ‘unsightly’ and ‘unclean’. The first razor designed specifically for body hair came to market in 1915 from Gillette, followed by other hair removal companies. New fashions were used as a justification for the need for naked underarms and popular magazines clutched onto the idea. 

Though pressure for shaven pits has lingered as long as bad BO, it seems that body hair is finally being embraced for what it is: natural.


2019 saw the birth of ‘Januhairy’, a social media trend to normalise stigmatised body hair. According to a recent study, nearly one in four women under the age of 25 have stopped shaving their underarms. And folks of all genders are sharing their armpit hair on social media

Celebrities are getting on board too. Emma Corrin, Miley Cyrus, Amandla Stenberg,  Sophia Loren, Emily Ratajkowskim, are just a few big names who have graced our screens with their hairy pits. With trendsetters dyeing and styling their underarms, armpit fur has just got funkier. The movement is essentially about choice, less prescriptive definitions of gender, and turning something once shameful into a bold and colourful statement. 

And an added bonus? Fewer people shaving means fewer razors being thrown away. Since over 2 billion single-use razors and blades are thrown away annually in the US alone, this is so much better for the environment. And you know how much we care about that. 

Busting the myth: ‘hairy armpits smell worse’

Of course, it’s all about choice. If you prefer your armpits shaven, then go for it you smooth icon. But don’t let some stinky myths put you off growing out your pit hair.  

The biggest misconception around hairy armpits is that they’re unhygienic and smell much worse. Let’s unpack this. Studies have found the difference in the smell of regularly shaven pits compared to hairy ones is minimal at best. That’s because our sweat is actually odourless and it’s the bacteria it comes into contact with that causes a nasty smell. If you keep your pits nice and clean, then you shouldn’t have a problem. 

That being said, hair potentially traps more bacteria (although evidence is vague on this). If you fear your hairy pits are starting to stink, don’t worry we’ve got you covered (literally). 

The best deodorant for hairy armpits

Our 100% effective natural deodorant is gender neutral and perfect for everyone, whether you’ve got Hagrid-level hairy armpits or your underarms are as smooth as a dolphin. We’re backed by science and work by neutralizing odour-causing bacteria to keep your pits smelling fresh all day. 

Be part of the underarm revolution and follow us on Instagram. We want to see your natural, dyed, styled, or shaved pits in all their beauty!

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