Parenting lessons from the animal kingdom

Parenting Lessons From The Animal Kingdom


We’ve been calling our nature ‘mother’ for as long as we can remember. However, we can’t ignore the incredible dads in nature that give us some major #dadgoals by redefining the ‘duties' of a father.

Flamingo: The Feminist Dad

 We all know Flamingos are beautiful birds (I mean, can I get a flamingo print cushion already?). But little do you know; male flamingos are also feminist at heart. Yes, Flamingos believe in gender equality. Right from selecting a nest site to incubating the eggs and then grooming and growing the baby, they do it all together. Beauty with brains, we love that!

Dad rating: 15 out of 10 


Frogs: The Devoted Dads

The dad frogs can easily be called the “intensive care unit” of their babies. As soon as the tadpoles hatch out of their eggs, it’s the responsibility of the dad frog to carry them until they are old enough to survive on their own. Some frogs go to the lengths of carrying their babies in their mouths and refuse to eat, only to keep the baby comfy. Talk about dedication.

Dad rating: 14 out of 10 


Emperor Penguins: Mother of Dads


Laying an egg is tough, and the emperor penguin respects that. Once the mama penguin lays the egg, she needs to stock up on all the nutrition she lost and goes to the sea for 2 months. While she’s away, it’s the father’s responsibility to incubate the egg for 65 days. During which, you guessed it, he doesn’t eat. Once the mum is back, she takes over the responsibility, while the dad is off for two months to fill his belly. Now that’s what we call shared responsibility.  

Dad rating: 15 out of 10 

Seahorses: Mr. Mom  


Ma, I’m pregnant, says the male Seahorse to his mum! Well, this might sound bizarre, but this is a natural phenomenon for Seahorses. Yes, it’s true, in the Seahorse community the males get pregnant! They accept the egg from the female, fertilise it and carry it till they are mature. We know, we can’t reverse the way nature works for humans, but empathy and kindness goes a long way, doesn’t it?

Dad rating: 13 out of 10 


Marmosets: Do it all dads


Marmosets are tiny monkeys. Some find them cute; some are not big fans. However,  one thing we're sure of is that a marmoset is one hell-of-a-dad! While they need help from the fam (don’t we all?), Marmosets groom, feed, and carry the baby around. Not only this, during the time of birth, they clean up after and bite off the umbilical cord. Step aside, midwives!

Dad rating: 14 out of 10 

Whoever you’re celebrating or remembering today, a father, a mother, your sister or your brother. Or even a Marmoset. It’s not too late to treat them to some Fussy deodorant by clicking here. Use the code FATHER15 for 15% off.



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