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The Secrets Of Natural Deodorant Ingredients And How They Actually Work

We’ve all heard it before: natural deodorants don’t work. At least they didn’t back when velour tracksuits were a thing. But times have changed and natural deodorants have moved on. 

Natural deodorant without compromise 

All too often you want to make the right choice but you end up being asked to compromise. It might be having to use a deodorant in a cardboard tube that you can’t push up properly or having to make special trips to buy a refill or a deodorant that simply doesn’t work. Our  approach is around creating natural products that never compromise. We want to have our cake and eat it. 

Ingredients backed by science 

An approach like ours starts with natural ingredients of which there are just 8 plus some antioxidants (like Vitamin C). Our ingredients work in three ways, soothing, neutralising and absorbing. It’s the 3-for-1 deal your armpits have always wanted.

First, you have ingredients like sunflower wax, coconut oil and shea butter that help to moisturise and sooth your skin as well as making sure the deodorant glides on to even the hairiest of pits. 

Our active ingredients (technical term there for any sweat geeks), magnesium hydroxide and sodium bicarbonate then work to neutralise odour-causing bacteria whilst helping to absorb moisture.  

If there’s any moisture they can’t deal with, our little friend tapioca starch lends a hand to leave a soft, powdery feel. Lovely. 

But we must not forget...

Our not so secret ingredient

Lactobacillus. That's right, a probiotic more commonly used in yoghurts than deodorant that works overtime to inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. It literally eats sweat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, strengthening and soothing sensitive skin at the same time 

All of this leaves you smelling fresh for 24 hours as proven by science.  It hasn’t been easy though and we worked for over 18 months with a leading microbiologist to get where we are today!

Bye bye body odour

Once your natural deodorant has got rid of the BO it should leave you smelling fresher than the Fresh Prince himself. This is where fragrance comes in. We’ve worked with a top fragrance house to develop four beautifully refined, natural scents and an unscented version for those of you that smell awesome already.

Want your armpits to smell like a misty pine forest? No problem. A sunny beach whilst sipping a margarita? You got it. Or maybe you’re feeling sleepy and need a scent to boost your mood?

Deodorant free of aluminium, parabens and synthetic fragrance

What we don’t put in is also just as important as what we do, so our deodorant is free from aluminium, parabens, toxins and synthetic fragrances. So what’s the issue?

Aluminium salts work by blocking your body's natural sweat pores and some people believe that this is linked to health conditions. Actually, the evidence isn't conclusive but either way we believe it’s better to let your body get on with doing it’s natural thang. Sweat yourself free we say.

Parabens are used as a preservative in many deodorants and when your skin absorbs them estrogen levels can go up at the same time. This can have all sorts of harmful effects for men and women.

As for synthetic fragrances, we’re afraid it’s more bad news. Containing phthalates (THAL-ates) they have been shown to disrupt hormone activity, reduce sperm counts and cause reproductive malformation as well as being linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes and obesity.

So yes, we avoid these more than we avoid talking to our ex.

What’s the deal with sodium bicarbonate?

Natural deodorants often contain baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate).  We do use small amounts of it in our deodorant as it’s very effective at neutralising bacteria but it’s very alkaline in nature and this can sometimes prompt a reaction in people with sensitive skin.

We’ve done everything we can to minimise this risk including using a very fine grade but if you do get a red rash, don’t panic. Just stop using the deodorant for a few days and it will usually vanish of its own accord. 

Finding a natural deodorant that really works

So, we’ve talked about what makes a natural deodorant really work and why you no longer need to compromise when using natural products. But how do you find the right deodorant for you? 

Well, like all of these things it really comes down to personal preference. Of course, we recommend fussy; it’s backed by science and thousands of fussy armpits but if it takes a little trial and error to find the right one for you, don’t sweat it. Every armpit’s different. 

Click here to order Fussy and make the world a better smelling place.


  • Fussy Hannah

    @LISA we’ve tried Fussy on lots of different materials and found it does not leave any stains

  • Fussy Hannah

    @CHERYL Heya! You can get our starter pack which is a case and 1x refill and if you find you don’t like the product you can cancel your subscription at any time. We only send out our refills in packs of 3 to make shipping as eco-friendly as possible, but we are looking into the possibility of selling travel-size deodorants.

  • Fussy Hannah

    @MUHAMMED KHAN we’ve tested our deodorant on lots of different clothing items and found it doesn’t leave stains

  • Fussy Hannah

    @CAROL Yes. Our deodorant is made of completely natural ingredients so is suitable for everyone. If you’re unsure we’d always recommend checking with your doctor

  • Fussy Hannah

    @ANJA LAMPKE Fussy is a deodorant not an anti-perspirant, which means its main aim is to stop your sweat from smelling, not to stop you from sweating. We do have some ingredients to help keep you drier and comfortable throughout the day, but it does not contain aluminium which stops you sweating.

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