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Sharing is Caring:
Natural Deodorant For Men and Women

Shopping for a new natural deodorant can be an overwhelming experience. Head to any pharmacy or supermarket and you’ll be faced with a seemingly endless array of options. From extra strength formulas to vegan and cruelty-free. Even natural deodorant, which used to be an oddity, is becoming a familiar sight on the high street. 

Most of the time, the easiest place to start is deciding whether you want deodorant for men or women. Clearly marketed as one or the other, deodorant brands will boast about their special “men’s” or “women’s” formula. Plus the packaging is a huge giveaway. But what is the difference between deodorant for men and women? Is there a best natural deodorant for women or vice versa?

What’s the difference between deodorant for women and men?

Spoiler alert: basically there isn’t any. Lots of standard deodorants are designed, packaged and marketed to be more attractive to a particular gender, but when it comes down to the way they work, there’s not much difference. In most deodorant formulas, the odour-causing bacteria is inhibited by antibacterial properties. For a natural deodorant like Fussy, we use a magic probiotic

Although most deodorants will be marketed as specially designed for either men or women, when you look at the science, there’s not much difference. The active ingredients that fight those smelly bacteria work the same way no matter what gender you are. Some research suggests that men tend to sweat more than women and are a bit smellier too. This is why sometimes deodorants made for men will have a higher amount of active ingredients to fight stink and reduce sweat. However, if you’re a man looking for a natural deodorant that works for even the smelliest human, Fussy’s probiotic enriched formula is one of the most effective out there - without all the nasties!

Scented natural deodorant for women - what about the guys?

Ok, we know we said there weren’t any differences but hear us out. If you’re a woman, choosing a natural deodorant will probably be even harder as there are far more options. This is mostly because the variety of scents on offer are huge and often pretty creative. Compared to the fragrances for women, men’s deodorants are pretty basic and subtle, which in itself is a sexist bias. Sometimes a man might want to smell like a tropical breeze!

Another big difference to consider is the price tag. Unfortunately, women’s deodorant will often cost more than men’s. This is mostly down to, yep you guessed, the old classic “pink” marketing. It costs more to create a variety of scents and sleeker, more attractive packaging, so the price goes up. But if you are looking to save a few pounds, head over to the men’s section and you’ll find something simple and a bit more affordable. The same goes for men who want to smell of something other than generic “spice”.

The future of natural deodorant for men and women

Back in the 90’s unisex deodorant was pretty normal and popular. But over the last few decades, there’s been a huge wave of gender-specific deodorants and antiperspirants. However, times are changing and not only do people want to see more gender-neutral options but more sustainable ones too. At Fussy, we believe that every armpit deserves the best, no matter what gender you identify as. If you’re putting something on your skin every day, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe and that it’s effective. 

We’ve taken this mindset and used it to create 4 delicious gender-neutral scents plus an unscented one for those of you who already smell awesome. We used the same approach when designing our packaging. Our cases were created with comfort, usability and beauty in mind. With 5 colours to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And if you don’t think we have the colour for you, let us know!

If you’ve read our blog post on the eco-gender gap, saving the planet is something all of us can help with and smelling great whilst doing it is a right for all genders.


  • Fussy Hannah

    @STAN Thanks for your question! If you prefer more traditionally masculine smells, we would recommend Wavy Days which is minty, Forest Haze which is woody and Cloud Nine which smells like fresh cotton

  • stan

    hi can you indicate which smells are more traditionally masculine ones. I wanted to order from you but don’t want a smell that’s traditionally more feminine and being online I can’t test them. I know you say they are gender neutral but that doesn’t help for the many who’d like an indication . the smells that my wife would select for herself simply aren’t going to be suitable for me and vice Versa ??? thanks

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