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Natural Deodorant for Kids: Finding the Best for Your Family

As fully-fledged adults, we’ve all experienced the B.O. fear. You know the one. The moment when you’re on a crowded train or sitting in the office and a pungent waft of body odour hits you like a bus and for a moment you panic, “Is that me?”

So you swiftly take yourself off the bathroom to give your pits a good sniff and generously apply another roll of your deodorant, whether it was you or not.

It’s this fear of embarrassment (and general consideration for other people) that means we as adults don’t think too much about using deodorant. But what about our kids? When do they need to start using deodorant? Should they be using it? And if so, what kind?

We’re here to answer all those questions and give you some insider tips to help you navigate your child’s deodorant journey.

Do kids need to use a natural deodorant?

No one needs to use deodorant. It’s something that we as adults expect of ourselves and of others. So when it comes to kids, knowing if and when they should be using it can be tricky. However, teaching your child how to maintain personal hygiene will give them the confidence to sweat as well as some independence from mum or dad as they get older.

So, at what age does a child need deodorant? 

You might not want to admit it, but when that sweet scent of innocence changes into the smell of teen spirit, it’s a sign that your little angel is growing up. Body odour is a common first indication of puberty, which for girls typically starts between 8 and 13 years old, and for boys, it’s between 9 and 14 years old. Generally, around these ages - that is, at the start of puberty - is a good time to start using deodorant.

However, as any parent will know, kids can be extremely active. Plus, some children can experience excessive sweating before puberty even starts. If this is the case, there’s no shame or harm in helping your child find the right deodorant for them. 

But if they’re reluctant to use deodorant or you feel they’re still a little young, here are five useful tips to help manage body odour in a more natural way.

  1. Make sure to bathe daily.
  2. Encourage showering after sweating e.g. after sport.
  3. Teach thorough washing of all body parts.
  4. Wear clean clothes daily.
  5. Loose-fitting clothing can also reduce sweating.

Choosing the right deodorant for your child

As with most things that concern children’s health, choosing the right deodorant for kids is a debated subject amongst parents and there are many opinions on the topic. But it’s important to keep in mind that every child is unique, so the best approach is to focus on what’s best for your child and their needs.

The formula

A good place to start is the ingredients. If your child has very sensitive skin or has known allergies, there is a chance they could develop a deodorant allergy. However, there are so many options nowadays that you’re sure to find a suitable product for your family.

The next question to ask is whether to go natural or not? Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with choosing a product that contains aluminium or parabens, but most parents want to avoid those substances with younger children. Fussy is a great option for kids as it contains no nasties whilst still being effective and easy to wear.

Types of deodorant

There are a number of types of deodorant and what works for one child won’t work for another. You can choose from roll-on, spray, or even a cream. Getting your child to wear deodorant consistently can be the hardest part, so finding something that’s easy to use and child-friendly will often be a winner.

Know your enemy

This might sound obvious but knowing what kind of sweat or odours you’re up against is a useful way to figure out what you want in a deodorant.

If your child is super active or suffers from excessive B.O., a natural solution might not be effective. Or maybe your kid can only be expected to apply deodorant once a day and you need something long-lasting. These are the kinds of things to keep in mind when looking for the best deodorant for your child.

Rolling with the cool kids

Finally, don’t forget that we call it personal hygiene for a reason, and when it comes to tweens and teens, everything is personal. 

Although as a parent you’ll be concerned about the safety and effectiveness of a product, bear in mind that kids can feel self-conscious about subjects like health and hygiene. If they’ve already started the conversation around B.O., then great, but they might be reluctant to discuss such issues with a parent. 

Ask your child if they have any preference for a brand or the kind of deodorant they’d like to use. The chances are they’ve seen a friend using a specific product or they have in mind what they think is cool.  

Remember, it’s personal

Another thing to consider is what starting to use deodorant could mean for them. While most of us might find we’ve been using the same deodorant for over a decade without a second thought, for today’s teens and pre-teens choosing a deodorant can be a small proclamation of identity. It’s a symbol of growing up and gives them an opportunity to make a statement about what matters to them.

Sustainability, conscious living and self-care are huge trends amongst today’s youth, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon. Fussy ticks all these boxes and is a great option for kids that care about the planet as much as what they’re putting on the skin. 

With its chic design, bold colours, and gorgeous scents Fussy deodorant gives teens a chance to make a statement. They’ll feel like the coolest (and freshest) kid on the block. Click here to get started.

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