Introducing Fussy x Marylou: Our new limited edition case

The first in a series of Fussy artist collabs, this International Women’s Day we’re launching a new limited edition case designed by London based artist Marylou Faure. It’s a playful design that feels soft and gentle…just like our deodorant is on your pits.

And with every sale we will donate £1 to Beauty Banks, a charity that exists to provide women access to basic hygiene and help end hygiene poverty. Power to your pits!

Who are Beauty Banks?

Beauty Banks are a UK charity that exist to provide women access to basic hygiene and help end hygiene poverty. Like a food bank, but for personal care. They are powered by the kindness, generosity and passion of like-minded people, businesses and brands. Hygiene poverty was found to affect 3,150,000 adults in the UK (6% of the population) this year. Help fight hygiene poverty this International Women’s Day.

Who is Marylou?

Marylou Faure is an independent French artist known in the world of illustration for championing women’s rights and other social and ethical issues.

Bright and bold, her work centralises around the female figure as she tackles femininity and embraces body positivity. Through her art, Marylou proudly advocates for self love and liberation in both the physical and psychological sense. 

We spoke with Marylou on her journey as an artist and what she's fussy about…

What inspired your design for the collaboration with Fussy?

I wanted to create a dreamy and playful design that felt soft and gentle, featuring daydreaming characters in their own world.

We love how women are central to your aesthetic universe- who is this woman and what does she mean to you?

They are a self caring representation of myself :) 

How did you get where you are today?

I think it’s the same for everyone, I worked a lot and made sure I stayed on the right track, changing when I felt the need to and making sure I was happy with what I was producing :)

What would your advice to any aspiring artists be?

Not being scared of asking for help and advice from other people in the industry, but also not blindly listening to anyone who has an opinion on your work, otherwise you’ll never be happy with what you produce. I think finding the right balance is key to good progress.

What are you fussy about? 

I’m a pretty easy going person, but I can be a bit fussy about making my flat look good :)

Which is your favourite Fussy scent and case? 

I love the mint one.

What are your top 5 beauty essentials you can’t live without?

5 is a lot haha. The main thing I love is the oil I use to remove my makeup, and then using a roller for a little face massage before I go to bed.


Obsessed? We know. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the women in your life, whether that’s your mum, your bestie, or yourself. The case that daydreams are made of but be quick as once they are gone…well they are gone.

If you're already a customer and would like to buy the case only just click here. Or if you’re new here just simply head to our shop and add the case to your new subscription.

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