How To Stop Sweat Stains and Save Your Shirts

How To Stop Sweat Stains and Save Your Shirts

(Hint: Your antiperspirant isn’t doing the trick, but a natural deodorant will)

At Fussy, we love sweat and hate sweat stains. 

That’s because sweating is going to happen no matter how much you try and stop it. More to the point, you need it to happen. Sweating is your body's built-in way to cool you down and regulate your temperature. That’s why our natural deodorant lets you sweat normally, without the stink. 

While sweating is a necessity, there’s no silver lining (or yellowy-white if we’re being accurate) to sweat stains on your favourite T-shirt. They’re inconvenient, distracting, and ruin your clothes.  Around 60% of adults in the US admit they’d be embarrassed to have visible sweat stains, which is a catch-22 since anxiety can lead to more sweat and (potentially) more sweat stains. 

The temptation might be to coat yourself in antiperspirant until you smell like a secondary school PE changing room, but that will only make it worse. Luckily, Fussy is here to combat pesky sweat stains so you never have to soak, scrub, or scrap stained shirts again.

Why do you get sweat stains?

The best way to get rid of sweat stains is to understand what causes them. It might seem obvious (sweat causes sweat stains, right?) but that’s only half the picture. 

The real cause of those yellowy-white stains under your arms is a mix of the proteins in your sweat and the aluminium in your antiperspirant. Aluminium temporarily blocks your sweat glands. Eventually, the built-up sweat is secreted and interacts with the aluminium on the surface of your skin. This gets absorbed into your clothes, creating those hard-to-remove stains. 

Basically, that thing you’re using to stop sweat stains is causing your sweat stains. Ironic, huh? 

It’s time to clamp down on sweat stains, scrap the antiperspirant, and rethink your deodorant. Switching to a more natural option and going easy on the application should keep your shirts around a little longer. 

This is where we come in. 

How Fussy can help

Our natural deodorant is aluminium-free, so you can avoid that nasty sweat-aluminium cocktail and the stains that come with it. We use tapioca starch to absorb any excess moisture and coconut oil to care for the skin. And an added bonus? Our special probiotic inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria so you’ll smell fresh too. 

Need a little more convincing? Let’s answer some of your natural deodorant doubts to see why Fussy is the best option for keeping your shirts stain-free.

Do Natural Deodorants make you sweat more? 

Potentially, when you first make the switch. But to go back to the very beginning here: sweat is good. It’s sweat stains we want to avoid. 

If natural deodorant makes you sweat more than your old antiperspirant, then congrats! You’re well on your way to aluminium-free underarms and hard-to-remove pit stains.

When you’ve been plugging your pits for years your glands are going to jump at the chance to release built-up sweat. This can mean there’s a transition period when you detox from antiperspirant. But you’ll be glad to hear our innovative probiotic technology means the transition period will be much shorter (or even non-existent!). 

How long does natural deodorant last? 

Those prone to pit stains might habitually cake on deodorant throughout the day, but the good news is Fussy lasts for at least 24 hours and just a swipe or two under each armpit should do the trick (although every armpit is unique).

But doesn’t natural deodorant leave stains? 

Not ours! We’ve tried and tested our pit-stain potential on a variety of fabrics and can confirm it doesn’t. Slip on your silky dress or style out your Christmas PJs without any fear of stains.

So are you ready to say no to sweat stains and save your shirts?

Check out our 100% effective natural deodorants that will leave your pits pleased and your clothes spotless.


  • No Sweat Spray

    Keep stains from setting into the fabric; otherwise, it may be difficult to remove them completely. Sweaty clothing should be washed as soon as possible, either by hand or in the washing machine, to prevent having to work twice as hard to remove the stains. There are several efficient medications, treatments, and no sweat sprays ( available if you’re looking for a remedy that works for hyperhidrosis.

  • No Sweat Spray

    The aluminium in your deodorant and the proteins in your sweat are what actually generate those off-white, yellowish stains under your arms. Your sweat glands become momentarily obstructed by aluminium. A reaction occurs between the sweat’s eventual evaporation and the aluminium on your skin’s surface. Your clothes absorbs this and is left with stains that are challenging to get rid of. There are a variety of highly effective over-the-counter medications, prescription medications, and few no sweat spray ( available if you’re looking for a treatment for hyperhidrosis.

  • Fussy Hannah

    Hey Pit The Younger – that’s so great to hear you’ve been enjoying Fussy deo and it’s working for you. Power to your pits 💪

  • Pit the Younger

    I completely agree with what you’ve put here. I’m a big sweaty guy and I’ve been using a popular strong anti-perspirant for years, thinking it was the only thing to keep my armpits dry. I bought the special formula that promised not to stain your clothes (but it still did)

    In 2020 I started using aluminium-free deodorants and instantly noticed a difference- I don’t feel I sweat any more or less than before. I do think I smell better- maybe the natural oils in the more natural deodorants are released as they get warm? I don’t seem to have an issue with visible sweat patches either. I’ve trialled a few natural/aluminium free products, particularly drawn to ones with environmentally-friendly packaging so happy to have found Fussy in the last 2 or 3 months. Product smells great & the refillable case is really clever.

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