How To Have A Sustainable 2023

How To Have A Sustainable 2023

A new year means a fresh start and we think one of the best things you can do to kick off 2023 is setting goals to be kinder to yourself and the planet. We all want to make an effort to be more sustainable, but as life gets busy it can become more and more difficult to do. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you be more sustainable this new year and create habits that will see you through 2023 and beyond. 

Try Veganuary or plant-based days

In January, a lot of people take part in Veganuary, a movement to cut out all animal based products for the month and try going vegan. We know some of our Fussers are already doing this and are really enjoying it. But trying vegan doesn’t have to be a whole month commitment if that feels too much for you. Lots of people are trying to be plant-based one to two days a week and finding it a lot easier to fit around their lifestyle. 

Eating plant-based can cut your yearly carbon footprint in half, as livestock and their by-products account for a huge amount of annual greenhouse gas emissions. This means the impact from eating plant-based just one day a week can be huge - saving nearly 50kg of of Co2 per year. There’s so many amazing plant based alternatives out there now like This, Oggs, HIP Chocolate and many more.

Ditching fast fashion.

Fast fashion is a huge polluter, from the production of materials, the manufacturing and the transportation. To create just one pair of jeans, you need 1800 gallons of water. Not to mention the constant pressure to buy new items means clothes are being manufactured to only last one or two wears - not so planet friendly! But the great news is that it’s getting easier and easier to find ways of shopping sustainably while still being affordable.

First up is shopping second hand. Whether in person in charity shops or using apps like Vinted and Depop, you can find every type of clothing imaginable, often for a fraction of the original price. 

Then there’s brands leading the way to be more environmentally friendly, like Lucy and Yak who use organic materials and fair, transparent working practices. Or there’s female-founded HissyFit, who use deadstock fabric to create all their clothes. 

And if you’re looking for something special to wear for an event, or like to switch up your work wardrobe regularly, there are loads of amazing options for renting clothes. We recommend looking at Hirestreet, Hurr Collective and Rotaro.

Cut down on the car

We’ve all heard it enough times. Using a car is not great for the environment, especially when it’s only the driver in there. Of course there’s loads of situations where we can’t help using the car, but for those shorter journeys, it’s worth thinking about walking or cycling. It’s great for your mental health, your fitness, and the planet.

Single-use swaps

With every month that passes, there are more and more alternatives to single-use items that you can swap into your routine. From water bottles to period products to metal straws, there’s endless things you can begin to add into your life to help cut down on waste. 

One of our faves is of course Fussy deodorant, but we’re biased. By swapping from regular aerosol to Fussy, you save 42g of plastic every 3-4 weeks. That adds up to a lot over your lifetime. Simply choose a case to keep for life, then get different scented refills delivered to your door when you need them. Zero waste. Zero stress. 

There’s lots more ways that you can be more sustainable, but we think it’s important to introduce steps slowly so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Small changes are better than no changes at all. Let us know your favourite ways to be more sustainable!

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