Gift Less Sh*t Guide 2022

Gift Less Sh*t Guide 2022

Every year up to £42million worth of gifts are wasted in the UK. That's why at Fussy we think it's important to help you Gift Less Sh*t with the mother earth of all gift guides. It's time for novelty jumpers and Secret Santa tat to take a back seat, as we welcome sustainable gifts that everyone in your life will love. 

Gifts To Stock Stuffings

Fussy Deodorant: Coming in at £20 for a case and two refills, our one-off purchase is the perfect way to gift someone new to the world of sustainable deodorants. Simply pick from six different case colours and any two of our eight scents and get ready to make someone’s armpits very happy. Because what’s a better gift than saving over 250 single-use plastic deodorants ending up in landfills?

Pott Candles: Zero waste candles? Yes they really do exist. Pott create gorgeous candle pots that you keep for life, with easy to drop in refills in a sweet-smelling variety of fragrances. Our personal fave is Noel. 

Bamboo Lunch Box: This gift is sure to make lunch times a whole lot cuter. Completely leak proof, with an internal divider and a sturdy bamboo lid, this is something you can use again and again and again.  

Gifts For Clothes Lovers

Lucy & Yak: Famous for their bright, colourful dungarees, Lucy and Yak have ethical practices throughout every element of their business. Sustainable materials and a living wage employer - that’s a yes from us!

Ninety Percent: A company that reinvests 90% of its profits back into people and causes they care about? Sounds like a dream to us. Ninety Percent create everyday clothing essentials made from sustainably sourced materials.  

AllBirds: If you're looking for fashionable shoes that also happen to be sustainable and unbelievably comfy, then you can't go wrong with AllBirds. They're BCorp certified and even make water repellent shoes.

Gifts For Those On The Go

Fussy Washbag: Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and featuring a stylish oversized zipper, this bag is roomy enough for your weekend getaway or your gym-going bathroom needs.

Green Island Bamboo Cutlery Set: If you know someone that’s constantly getting lunch out, then there’s no better gift than reducing their plastic utensil usage. This bamboo cutlery set from Green Island features everything someone will need - including bamboo straw and straw cleaner!

Ocean Bottle: Award-winning bottles designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. 100% dishwasher safe and stylish to boot.

Gifts For Food + Drink Lovers

Oddbox: We're all trying to reduce our food waste, and oddbox is the perfect solution to give some this Christmas. They rescue wonky fruit and veg that would otherwise end up in the bin and deliver is straight to your door.

H!P Chocolate: If you know someone who's vegan or interested in trying more alternatives, then they're going to love H!P. Creators of delicious, creamy, oat-milk vegan chocolate bars. 

Pact Coffee: The coffee brand on a mission to fix the industry, with better pay for coffee farmers and better quality brews for all. The Coffee Selection Box is sure to make anyone’s Christmas.

And, if you're a Fussy subscriber, you can get discounts on all three of the above brands by accessing your Green Card in your subscriber portal!

Gifts For The Beauty Lover

Nailberry: Colour your nails healthy with Nailberry’s gorgeous range of nail polishes that respect the environment, with no compromises on colour. Completely vegan, cruelty-free and designed to let your nails breathe. 

Upcircle Beauty: Upcircle has an incredibly wide-ranging array of skincare products, all made from by-products of other industries, mainly the food and drink industry. Think coffee scrubs and hydrating moisturisers.  

Zao: Makeup that’s organic, vegan and refillable, all housed in bamboo packaging. Someone’s morning routine just became a lot more sustainable. 

Gifts For The Ones Who Are Easily Bored

Hirestreet Gift Cards: Know someone that loves fashion and changing up their look? HireStreet is the perfect solution to stopping clothing waste. With all your favourite high street brands, you can pick up a gift card and let someone buy, wear and return to their hearts content.

Fussy Scent Pack: Know someone who loves to switch out their Fussy scents? You can pick up a scent pack containing any 3 refills so they can switch up their pits as often as they like - how about Tropic Tonic for a lime scent? Or Sun Drunk for something on the tropical side.

Gifts For When You've Run Out Of Time

...which, let’s be honest, you might have done if you’ve read this whole very long blog post! But we all know what it’s like, Christmas is only a few days away and there’s that one person you haven’t remembered to buy for. Fear not! With our Fussy Gift cards , you can give the gift of sustainability instantly, without waiting for delivery times. Let them pick their favourite colours and scents while you feel smug about the extra two armpits that have joined the Fussy revolution. 

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