The Ultimate Fussy Gift Pack - Fussy Natural Deodorant

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What it is: The Ultimate Fussy Gift Pack contains an outer case, 2 x Christmas Tree refills, a washbag and a deodorant dish to store your Fussy deodorant and refills. 

The Deodorant Dish stores 2 refills and will keep your case looking mighty fine. Made from antibacterial and 100% natural diatomite.

Our Washbag is made entirely from recycled materials. Featuring an oversized zipper and a lined inner main compartment. It’s roomy enough for all your weekend-getaway or gym-going bathroom needs. In a natural beige with yellow neon oversized zipper and embroidered logo.

Each Christmas Tree refill gives your pits guaranteed freshness for 4-6 weeks 💪🌍 Made from wonky Christmas Trees that didn't make the cut this year, we're helping you save the planet, one Christmas Tree (and armpit) at a time!

Fussy is the next generation of natural deodorants that uses a unique odour fighting probiotic. It's refillable and natural, and our refills are plastic-free - designed for all pits.

Deodorant dish - 100% Natural diatomite.
Washbag - 100% recycled plastic bottles (rPET) and aluminum zip

Deodorant Dish - 13cm x 12cm x 4cm
Washbag - 20cm x 12cm x 8cm

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