Slamming The Door On Hate Speech

Slamming The Door On Hate Speech

Here at Fussy, we're fussy about people, planet and of course armpits. Standing for the planet means standing for those that inhabit it too. We were deeply saddened to see the amount of derogatory, harmful and hateful comments left on one of our recent posts celebrating Pride.

While we encourage the sharing of views and opinions, we will not tolerate any form of hate speech. Any comments that cross that line will be deleted from our comment sections. Our goal is to create a safe and respectful space for EVERYONE within our social communities.

What is hate speech? 

Hate speech, as defined by the United Nations, is "offensive language and/or speech targeting a group or an individual based on inherent characteristics (such as race, religion, or gender) and that may threaten social peace." This type of speech is harmful and derogatory, aiming to demean or incite hostility against others, undermining respect and potentially inciting violence.

What is the difference between discussion and hate speech? 

The difference between discussion and hate speech lies in intent and impact. A discussion is an exchange of views or opinions on a topic, involving the sharing of ideas, perspectives, and information in a respectful manner. It aims to understand different viewpoints and can include disagreements without being offensive. In contrast, hate speech is an attack on a person's inherent characteristics or personal preferences, targeting individuals or groups based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Hate speech is harmful, derogatory, and intends to demean or incite violence against others. While discussions foster understanding and healthy debate, hate speech undermines respect and promotes hostility.

Why do we delete hate speech? 

At Fussy, we believe it's everyone's right to live their life free of discrimination and bias. Therefore, we simply do not tolerate hate speech, as we strive to create a safe and respectful space for EVERYONE, whether in our office or social communities. Deleting hate speech helps us uphold these values and ensures a welcoming environment for all.

We’re constantly trying to do better and raise our standards with the belief that by being Fussy we can create a better planet for everybody.

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